… “Para que nada nos separe, que nada nos una”…

En La Sombra Del Tiempo

The tale and photodocumentary of En La Sombra Del Tiempo was photographed with blind eyes, a camera and all the love that one can ever give and express.

That the pain that one suffers from a broken heart or a loss is only a measure of the love that one can give (receive), see the world with an open heart, without any fears and with humility, sincerity and dignity. And that, is something that could never be learned or robbed and is the true essence of photography.

All my life, I have been fascinated by light, and the silent and mysterious story telling power of images.
The first sentence of The Stranger by Albert Camus, “Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday, I don’t know.”
made me realize how absurd time and death can be.
Often a stranger myself, I have spent my life capturing moments that could never be revived, with the intent to make them nostalgic forever.
My images became my only way to immortalize with great pleasure, beauty, love, happiness, pain, loss, dreams and my humble sense of humanism.
“En La Sombra Del Tiempo”, is the testimony of the shadow of my time, and the wish to live fully a time and a love that would never be again.

“Nunca el olvido”

United by destiny and separated by numbers, we began to share a vision, and the knowledge that everything exposed to light casts a shadow, even time.This photography documentary and story is a tribute to love, desire, passion, nostalgia, pain, hope, surprise, light, shadow,a time that could never be revived, and to never forget.

The setting for “En La Sombra Del Tiempo” is Mexico

A land bathing in as much beauty, contrasts, emotions and contradictions as photographs could ever immortalize.

I traveled trough the forgotten and occult, Mexico city the mountains of Oaxaca, Juchitan, Xilitla, to find and photograph “La Sombra Del Tiempo” (The Shadow Of Time).

Although Mexico is going through very difficult times, its people’s kindness, infinite desire to smile, to work, to preserve their culture, as well as human values is their best weapon against economic crisis and coruption.

Thanks to Georgina Avila,, all my friends in Mexico and to all the kind people in Mexico.

El cuento y fotodocumental de En La Sombra Del Tiempo fue fotografiado con ojos ciegos, una camara, corazon abierto, y todo el amor que uno pueda entregar y expresar.

Que el dolor que uno siente, es la medida  del amor que uno puede entregar, mirar al mundo con un corazon abierto, sin miedos, con humildad, sinceridad y dignidad. Y eso, ni se aprende, ni se roba. Es la pura esencia de la fotografia.

Unidos por el destino, separados por el recorido de los anos, entendi que todo lo que esta expuesto a la luz, proyecta una sombra, hasta el tiempo.

Este fotodocumental y cuento fotografiado en Mexico, es un homenaje y un testimonio al amor, el deseo, la amistad, el humanismo, la pasion, la nostalgia, la esperanza, la sorpresa, la luz, la sombra, el tiempo que huye, pero nunca el olvido.

“En La Sombra Del Tiempo” esta realizado en Mexico.
El amor  y la pasion por la fotografia que compartimos, me llevo a descubrir la sombra del tiempo en un Mexico a veces occulto y olvidado.
Desde Mexico DF hasta las montanas de Oaxaca, los pueblos indigenas, Juchitan, Xilitla y Tulum, el recororido de En La Sombra Del Tiempo, me llevo a immortalizar en fotografias, un Mexico, una tierra, y una cultura, llenos de belleza, de contrastes, de emociones, de amibilidad, de contradicciones y de amistad.
 Un pueblo que lucha contra la pobresa y el olvido, con sus ganas de vivir, de trabajar y de mantener su cultura y sus valores humanos a pesar de los tiempos dificiles que vive en este momento y a traves de la historia.

Gracias a Georgina Avila, a todos mis amigos en Mexico y a todo el pueblo Mexicano.

© Copyright 2010-2011 on all texts and photographs Daniel Malka, all rights reserved.

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