… “Para que nada nos separe, que nada nos una”…

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©copyright 2010-2011 Daniel Malka, all rights reserved

She stood still, camera in hand, like a bronze statue capturing light and defying time.
I stood behind her, capturing the passage of history, the passage of my own time, convinced that together we could
withstand as many wars, storms, suns and moons, as these ruins ever had.
Drinking anew, this would become my first photograph of La Sombra Del Tiempo.

now we Rise now we Sleep

©copyright 2010-2011 Daniel Malka, all rights reserved

Fading slowly in its own shadow.
The symbol of a forgotten and forbidden culture.
It is forbidden to teach or to learn Maya in Mexican schools.
How ironic and contradictory, when genetics and physiognomy tell such a different story.
In the eyes of the observers, they proudly stand tall. However, stone by stone, they are so fragile in the hands of humanity.
In its deepest shadows, rest the remains of an absurd lack of humanism, greed, all disguised as colonisation.