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Fly Away But Never Run Away / Vuela Pero Nunca Huyas

Dedicated to all the ones that run away in silence and to the ones that have the courage to fly saying farewell

Dedicado ; a todos los que huyen en silencio y los que tienen el ; valor de despedir se y volar

Fly Away But Never Run Away

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Talent Freedom and Love can not be stolen or learned, they are inherited.

El talento, la libertad y el amor ni se roban ni se aprenden, son una herencia.

passing moments

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passing moments – Mexico D.F.
Tme moves on, a thousand faces as well, staring straight into the eyes of survival.
His days are counted, the passerby by thinks.
So are his, I think to myself.
A thousand faces deep, where is our true sense of humanism ?


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He appeared on this dirt road, walking with a bag in one hand and a cane in the other.
He sat down to rest. I walked up to him, he only spoke Mixe, I asked him if I could do his portrait.
I would never get that old I thought to myself.
How many stories could this man tell me ?
If only, we both had enough time left


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Oaxaca Grandma

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