… “Para que nada nos separe, que nada nos una”…

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when you open your eyes

© 2010-2011 daniel malka all rights reserved

It was a beautiful day in April.
We spoke the same language, shared the same vision, passion and light.
Her bright green eyes staring at me through a made up lens.
Separated by so much time, but yet united, in an instant that would last forever.
She had written, to me this phrase by Pablo Neruda “Para que nada nos separe que nada nos una”
We would become inseparable, in time, and in thoughts.


©copyright 2010-2011 Daniel Malka, all rights reserved

She stood still, camera in hand, like a bronze statue capturing light and defying time.
I stood behind her, capturing the passage of history, the passage of my own time, convinced that together we could
withstand as many wars, storms, suns and moons, as these ruins ever had.
Drinking anew, this would become my first photograph of La Sombra Del Tiempo.


©copyright 2010-2011 Daniel Malka, all rights reserved

manana feliz
We had spent our first night on the beach.
We went for a swim, and she lied there, swaying in the sun,.
I stared at her smile, grabbed the camera, and captured our first moment of bliss, but not without fear.
I already knew, that no matter how much we wanted, eventually time or the absurd would tear us apart.