… “Para que nada nos separe, que nada nos una”…


En La Sombra Del Tiempo … Las Aves… The Birds…

The Birds Always Come Back To The Ones That Allow Themselves To Love And To Be Loved

Las Aves Siempre Vuelven A los Que son Capazes De Amar Y De Dejar Se Amar

Las Aves

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Have patience awhile; slanders are not long-lived. Truth is the child of time; erelong she shall appear to vindicate thee.
Immanuel Kant

Mexico En La Sombra Del Tiempo / Book Preview

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Al Principio Georgina Avila a Daniel Malka

Daniel Malka
Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 7:57 AM
Re: Daniel…
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Buenos dias pajarito soniador…

No lo pude evitar, tuve q venir corriendo a mi ordenador a escuchar la cancion q te mande para leer tus palabras q siempre me levantan y me empujan a tener dias increibles.

Ush Daniel… daniel.. DANIEL!!! jaja te lo grito como no puedo hacerlo en persona porque me da cierto si.. he de aceptarlo .. miedo extranio… es solo esto que me enfrento a algo desconocido y aunq es brutal floripower-esco lo q se siente… no deja de ser un misterio y por eso quiero irme con tiento.. mas eso no quiere decir q te liberaras de mi jamas completamante…

Te lo dije y te digo de nuevo.. creo q despues de ver lo que me ensaniaste anoche (tus imagenes y en muchos otros sentidos) no podre volver a ver las cosas de la misma manera… una vez mas me dejaste cerrando los ojos y no pude mas q ver imagenes perfectas… iluminadas asi tal y como tu lo haces…

Suena un tanto cursi pero esque literal y de muchas formas ahora veo la luz en todas partes y quiero hacer de ella lo que tu  y que mejor que contigo… Tu tambien Daniel… eres luz pura… tal vez por eso te entiendas tambien con ella en tus imagenes… tal vez por eso se entiendan tan bien y sean hombre-objeto paralelos y no puedan hacer mas q magia para los ojos ajenos y las almas sensibles…

Yo tambien te lo digo Daniel TU ERES INCREIBLE!!

Y te lo digo nuevamente… gracias por aparecerte asi de esta tremenda manera.. esto es un viaje completamente nueva para mi .. y me fascina….

Se me hace tarde!! conejo blanco.. me voy me voy me voy…. aaah!

Te mando millones de besos


when you open your eyes

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It was a beautiful day in April.
We spoke the same language, shared the same vision, passion and light.
Her bright green eyes staring at me through a made up lens.
Separated by so much time, but yet united, in an instant that would last forever.
She had written, to me this phrase by Pablo Neruda “Para que nada nos separe que nada nos una”
We would become inseparable, in time, and in thoughts.


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The colors of spring lights danced around us, just as if time had stopped and music could go on forever.
This photogram  came from a movie that was left undone, a story that had to be written.
As much as I thought never again, I was falling in love.
She had brought to me “La puertita de la luz y de la felicidad”.
We began our fragile flight in our Paper Aeroplane.


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She stood still, camera in hand, like a bronze statue capturing light and defying time.
I stood behind her, capturing the passage of history, the passage of my own time, convinced that together we could
withstand as many wars, storms, suns and moons, as these ruins ever had.
Drinking anew, this would become my first photograph of La Sombra Del Tiempo.


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manana feliz
We had spent our first night on the beach.
We went for a swim, and she lied there, swaying in the sun,.
I stared at her smile, grabbed the camera, and captured our first moment of bliss, but not without fear.
I already knew, that no matter how much we wanted, eventually time or the absurd would tear us apart.

now we Rise now we Sleep

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Fading slowly in its own shadow.
The symbol of a forgotten and forbidden culture.
It is forbidden to teach or to learn Maya in Mexican schools.
How ironic and contradictory, when genetics and physiognomy tell such a different story.
In the eyes of the observers, they proudly stand tall. However, stone by stone, they are so fragile in the hands of humanity.
In its deepest shadows, rest the remains of an absurd lack of humanism, greed, all disguised as colonisation.

cities get lost

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behold – Centro, Mexico D.F.

When time stops, and humanity pauses, some look at the clock while others observe each other.
Eventually the clock wins.

stone by stone

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cities get lost – Mexico DF, Cathedral
Clouds, stones and seconds ticking to the rhythm of a million foot steps, beating to the silence of a million souls murmuring and praying for each other.
Maybe they would be heard.
But then again.


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prayer – Mexico D.F.
Carrying a subconscious cross on his back, he is praying.
Next to him burns a candle of hope.
Perhaps we can share it.

La Puertita De La Luz

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From the beginning, from the first morning, from my small bedroom door to the Cathedral of Mexico, shines the light that she has brought into my life.

Although I am standing deep into the shadow, I know that this brightness will follow me, until my last breath.

through the fog

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the mist clouds my mind
fills my lungs with life
i run my hand along the stone,
wet and cold

once upon…

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every inch my fingers travel is another hour
of my time gone by;
one more grain of sand
fallen to the bottom of the glass
never to be felt again

yellow princess

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Xilitla, Central Mexico Rainforest
Under the thick fog and rain, we walked through stones gates, passages, stairs and more gates to nowhere.
The perfect universe, castle, for a yellow princess. A surrealistic domain built by an Englishman 50 years earlier..
Absurd mazes and structures withstanding time and blending into a wet green world that would grow forever.
It was just as I had imagined, she defied heights and mazes, as much as she defied the odds for us to be together.
She was so little, so frail, yet as tall and strong as these sculptures, reaching out to infinity.
This is her kingdom I thought, It’s time for me to go.

new light

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but under every arch that i pass
new light is scattered in new ways
new rain carries new tastes
these foreign flowers –
i wonder what their names
could be

my sun is setting

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As I watch her, in the distance, camera in hand, I realize that I am standing En La Sombra Del Tiempo.
I once was in the light, on the other side, standing as shiny and as tall as these absurd monuments.
I have no fears except for one. not seeing her anymore, on the day that this heavy metal door shuts.
All I hoped for was, that when, that moment came, she would hold my hand.
If not, it didn’t matter anymore, since all had been written, and no one and no time could ever take it away.


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hold my hand
hold me,
my love