… “Para que nada nos separe, que nada nos una”…



It took 5 months to start this project and to get to Peru.
I have been living in a suitcase for the last 2 months.
I have made many friends and discovered a wonderful and warm hearted country.
I am preparing 2 more projects in Peru.
I had an interview on TV and one in El Commercio.
2 days ago I received a call from El Commercio asking me to send a high resolution image for the cover page of the paper.
The fairy tale of the kids of Ruka goes on.
I am so proud of these children of HOW THEY SEE and their work.
6 weeks ago they barely knew what a camera is, today they are published on the cover of a national newspaper.
If that is not a fairy tale, I don’t know what is.
Thank you children, thank you my friends and thank you the stars and the mountains of Ruka.

I had a dream, 2 days ago it became reality.
The next step will be to help these kids and reward them for their talent. We are well on our way.

That’s why
I keep loving what I do and I keep doing what I love.

And the rest are history and dark shadows

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