… “Para que nada nos separe, que nada nos una”…

yellow princess

©copyright 2020-2011 daniel malka, all rights reserved

Xilitla, Central Mexico Rainforest
Under the thick fog and rain, we walked through stones gates, passages, stairs and more gates to nowhere.
The perfect universe, castle, for a yellow princess. A surrealistic domain built by an Englishman 50 years earlier..
Absurd mazes and structures withstanding time and blending into a wet green world that would grow forever.
It was just as I had imagined, she defied heights and mazes, as much as she defied the odds for us to be together.
She was so little, so frail, yet as tall and strong as these sculptures, reaching out to infinity.
This is her kingdom I thought, It’s time for me to go.

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